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Why do you need an annual boiler service?

An annual boiler service is a series of annual checks of your central heating system conducted by a professional boiler specialist, like our Gas Safe registered heating engineer here at Bristol Boiler Man Ltd. Read this blog post to find out why it is essential that this boiler service happens at least once a year.

The goal of an annual boiler service is to maintain your boiler, radiators, and other heating appliances safe and efficient. But why is a yearly boiler service so crucial to the health and performance of your boiler, and is it possible to get your boiler serviced less frequently than this and still be ok?

annual boiler service bristol

Why is an annual boiler service key to a healthy boiler? 

We are frequently asked if an annual boiler service is required. We feel that having your boiler serviced once a year is a good idea to keep it functioning effectively and safely, but the truth is, it's actually far more serious than this. Annual boiler servicing should never be overlooked; as a damaged boiler may be quite harmful to you financially and health-wise. By keeping your boiler running as effectively as possible, you may save money on your energy bills while also lowering your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Annual boiler servicing is also required to maintain the validity of your boiler's warranty. Terms and limitations may apply to your boiler warranty. The manufacturer's guarantee on your boiler is usually only valid as long as you do your boiler's yearly servicing. Furthermore, if you are a landlord, you must have your boiler serviced at least once every 12 months.

What will an engineer actually do during a boiler service?

During a boiler service, a Gas Safe registered heating engineer will check that the boiler still meets current standards and requirements and look for any corrosion, leaks or other issues. They will check the components to ensure everything is working correctly and the fuel is burning efficiently, checking Co2 and Co levels. The engineer will ensure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.

These checks will confirm the safety of the boiler, reduce the chance of breakdown and offer peace of mind.  An annual boiler service is usually a requirement in the terms and conditions of a boiler manufacturer’s extended guarantee and must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.