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What happens during a boiler service in Bristol?

Our Gas Safe registered engineers highly recommend getting your boiler serviced at least once a year to make sure it is operating safely and effectively. A heating professional does all the necessary checks on your central heating system during a service check. But what does it really entail? 

This article was created by our heating engineers across Bristol, including Kingswood, Thornbury and Clifton, to help you understand what exactly happens during a boiler service. 

What do heating engineers do during a boiler service? 

Make sure the engineer you pick is fully competent to carry out the boiler service.  If your boiler is a gas one, the engineer must be Gas Safe certified. To confirm their credentials, make sure to ask for their Gas Safe ID.

Bristol Boiler Man Ltd is Gas Safe Registered! When you book a boiler service with us, our qualified heating engineers will carry out the following tasks... 

what happens during a boiler service

1. Visual Inspections

We can determine whether your boiler is still meeting your needs and requirements for heating and hot water by carrying out a visual inspection. They will also look out for any signs of leaks, or rust and check the flame inside your boiler. 

2. Take a look inside the boiler 

To inspect the parts within your boiler, we first remove the boiler's exterior cover. Additionally, we'll make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and checked to determine whether parts like the primary injector, heat exchanger, and spark probes are in excellent working order.

3. Other Checks

Other checks during a boiler service involve ensuring all controls, safety features, and boiler functions are in good working order. The boiler's ventilation will also be examined, as well as the boiler's distance from flammable objects.

4. Finally, turning the boiler back on 

Your boiler will be switched back on after passing all the necessary tests so that we can check to see if any problems arise when it is turned on.

All of the above should take place during a boiler inspection, however, depending on the boiler you have, specialists may use a different boiler servicing technique. For example, they may examine the drainage system of your condensing boiler if you have one.

Ready to book a boiler service with Bristol Boiler Man Ltd?

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