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Does my boiler need to be repaired?

If your boiler has stopped working altogether, there's no doubt that it will need a repair. But are there any instances whereby your boiler could still be working, but still needs fixing as it is under stress and costing you to spend more money on heating bills each month? The answer is yes! Check out this blog post to learn some signs that can indicate that your boiler is in need of repair.

When our boilers or central heating systems require repair, it's usually obvious since they stop working altogether; your radiators stop working, and your hot water becomes cold. However, there are times when your boiler can still run but is in need of repair and some issues go unnoticed, resulting in a situation in which your heating system continues to run below its optimal capacity and your boiler is put under increasing pressure. 

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Have you heard your boiler make any strange noises?

Boilers frequently make unusual and abnormal sounds, and although some of them are innocuous, others indicate an underlying central heating problem. 

Have you heard your boiler make a 'kettling' noise?

One of the most concerning noises is 'kettling,' which occurs frequently when the pilot light first ignites. Although this sound might be quite worrying, it is frequently produced by trapped air in the heating system, which requires a competent professional to find the air bleed screw and expel any surplus. 

Have you heard your boiler make a 'banging' noise?

There is also a chance that you have heard banging coming from your boiler, which would indicate that your boiler's thermostat is set too high. If this is the case, loud banging noises might occur in the copper pipes of your plumbing, which would suggest that your boiler is overheating. 

Have you heard your boiler make a 'whistling' noise?

You may have also heard your boiler whistling before. If you've heard a high-pitched whistling noise coming from your boiler, this probably means that there is trapped air in the system. Fortunately, most of the time, this problem is relatively straightforward to fix, especially if you find cold spots on parts of your radiators around your home. Simply clear the trapped air by bleeding your radiators!

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